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A successful story

The brand Guess Watches has been on the market since 1983 and developed from Guess Inc., founded in 1981 by the four Marciano brothers and known primarily for jeans as well as bags, perfumes, accessories and so on.

These watches are designed for the young or young at heart who have an eye for fashion and enjoy expressing their personality through fashion statements.

Guess Watches is a fashion and lifestyle brand which sets great store by design and quality.The brand’s watches are eye-catching, modern and trendy:the typically American style is combined with a European eye for detail and quality.With its finger always on the pulse, Guess Watches is now one of the industry’s leading trendsetters.

The women’s models represent fashion, trend, elegance and extravagance.The men’s models express design, material and a comfortable fit.

Guess Watches are available worldwide from more than 30,000 points of sale and in more than 100 countries.

Guess Jewellery was launched in Switzerland in 2007. It was on course for success from the very beginning and is now one of the most successful fashion jewellery brands.

The Guess Jewellery collection stands out thanks to exceptional, new designs and a mixture of shapes, colours and various materials reflecting Guess’s usual exciting look.

In line with the brand, Guess Jewellery impresses not only with its design but also with the ever-increasing quality of the pieces. Guess is in step with current fashion and can offer increasingly stylish responses to trends with two collections a year.

GUESS Jewellery is currently operating in more than 60 countries worldwide and counting.