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Our history

Heno SA combines 60 years of tradition with contemporary expertise.Founded by Fritz Kirchhofer in 1954, the company has been producing its own watches till 1988.Since Helen Kirchhofer’s arrival as the current Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and majority shareholder, Heno SA has been striking out in a new direction.

There was immediate success right from the very beginning with sales of the "Equinox" and "Club" own brands, and shortly after Helen Kirchhofer laid the groundwork for the current business model – the marketing and sale of brands in Switzerland.

Heno SA laid the foundations more than 20 years ago with the successful GUESS Watches brand.Over the years, this has been joined by the following brands which make up Heno SA’s current portfolio: GUESS Jewellery, GUESS Jewellery, Rosefield, Esprit Watches & Jewellery, ANIA HAIE, Welder Watches, Sparkling Jewels

The company now employs a staff of 10 in various departments and covers fashion watch and jewellery brands from A–Z.Heno SA’s headquarters are centrally located in Thun, the gateway to the Bernese Oberland.