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Useful tips

Do not operate the crown or buttons if your watch is wet.

Do not move the crown or use the buttons under water.

Leave the crown pressed in normal position.If your watch has a screw-down crown, ensure that this is in closed position.

Following contact with saltwater, rinse the watch with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth.

Steamed-up glass:if the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature inside the watch, condensation may form on the surface.This is nothing to worry about provided that the condensation disappears again shortly afterwards.If this does not occur, have the watch examined.

Keep the watch away from chemicals (such as cosmetics, body lotions, perfumes etc.) and aggressive cleaning agents.

Keep the watch out of exceptionally high temperatures.

The watch glass may have invisible cracks.You should therefore have the glass checked every 2–3 years, or when replacing the battery.

Protect your watch against impacts.

The seals on the case, crown and buttons will deteriorate after long-term use.You should therefore have the seals replaced every 2–3 years, or when replacing the battery, to ensure that the watch remains watertight.

If dirt accumulates between the crown and the case, the crown will become difficult to pull out.To prevent this, turn the crown back and forth in its normal (depressed) position or in screwed-in position (if the watch has a screw-down crown).



We only accept repairs directly from the point of sale.The point of sale repair ticket must contain the full address and information regarding the circumstances of the repair.Repair tickets must be numbered.

Complaints regarding repairs are accepted and processed within 15 working days.



Heno SA alone decides whether a particular case is covered by the guarantee.Heno SA also decides whether the watch will be repaired or exchanged or if a credit note will be issued.

New watches exhibiting damage upon delivery will be taken back within 10 days of delivery.

Guarantee:two years.Exception:watches purchased in the USA or Canada (one year guarantee).

The guarantee does not cover battery changes, glasses, straps (of any kind) or damage caused by improper handling.The guarantee is also invalidated in the event of damage caused by sales staff at the point of sale or by improper repairs performed by an external watchmaker.

The guarantee is only valid if the certificate of guarantee has been correctly completed (incl. item number, date of purchase and stamp from the licensed point of sale).

Guarantee repairs are only offered upon presentation of the original certificate of guarantee (no copies, till receipts, emails etc.).The certificate of guarantee, completed in full and stamped, must be sent to Heno SA with the watch.

Items under our brands which have been purchased online from an unofficial seller will not generally come with a certificate of guarantee and will be of poorer quality (e.g. online discount stores).NO guarantee is therefore offered for these goods.Unfortunately, Heno SA is also frequently unable to provide replacement parts in the event of damage, as these models are often not available in Switzerland.We recommend that end customers purchase watches and jewellery under our brands from one of our partners ONLY.This will ensure high quality and a trouble-free after-sales service.