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How long does an average repair take?
Approx.4 weeks.

The guarantee booklet states that my watch is suitable for swimming.Can I really go swimming with it?
We generally recommend that you do NOT take your watches and jewellery into the shower or the water.This will ensure that your items remain in a good condition for a long time.

What kind of coating is used for the new blue colour?
It is an ionic coating with a denim pattern, specially developed for GUESS Watches.

Why is the two-tone blue coating so expensive?
The rose gold and blue IP two-tone styles are more expensive because all the rose gold sections must be covered before the pieces can have an IP blue coat.This is extremely complex and must be precisely controlled.In addition, the components have to be coated twice with blue and rose gold, which also increases the cost.

What are the features of the "chrono look" movement?
The "chrono look" movement is multifunctional.The day and date can be altered by pressing the buttons.However, it does not have the stopwatch function of a chronograph, but instead boasts a high-end appearance. "Chrono look" is only available for women’s models.

How do you obtain the patterned design of the animal models?
This is an innovative steel coating technology developed for GUESS Watches.It is robust and scratch-resistant.All designs are exclusive to GUESS Watches.

Are the straps for the blue men’s watches made from cloth or leather?
The surfaces of these straps are made from cloth stitched on to real leather.