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Our Service for you

Cooperation on an agency basis: Throughout Switzerland we care brands on agent basis. The first customer contact and the support is done by our Sales-agents. Orders, storage and despatch is proceeds directly between the customer and brand company. 

Strategic purchasing: we compile an ideal range for our market area and our partners.

Storage: we look after and care for our products using state-of-the-art tools in our own warehouses.

Customer service: our team takes orders, processes them and creates order documents for further processing. All questions and complaints are also processed in house.

Dispatch/distribution: orders are sorted, compiled and given to our delivery services ready for dispatch. We also accept and process returns.

Marketing/PR/communications: we provide our brands with comprehensive support and represent them to the outside world in marketing campaigns.

Promotion/POS/merchandising: we look after and maintain our sales bases and organise sales promotions.

Sales force: our young and motivated sales force is at work all over Switzerland for our customers, remaining close to the market and actively picking up new trends.

After-sales service: a skilled in-house team is on hand for our watch brands to perform repairs and change batteries or straps.